Apple, in its newly ads Get a Mac campaign addressing a selling point for Macs vs. PCs has ignored price wars and over Microsoft’s latest “laptop hunter” series of commercials.

Recently, Microsoft released a $300M USD advertising campaign relying on the popularity of standup comic Jerry Seinfeld followed by I’m a PC commercials pointing out how much cheaper PCs are than Macs for the same hardware.

Through Microsoft's campaign, it highlights how expensive Apple computers are. Apple manage to explains the reason why ignoring the price wars through its new ads.

Apple released four new ads titled Biohazard Suit, Legal Copy, Stacks and Time Traveler. Star John Hodgman and Justin Long plays a role as human representations of a PC and a Mac, respectively.

The Biohazard Suit target PCs vulnerability of Windows systems to viral attack. The Legal Copy talks more on PCs claiming to be easy to use, which causes a growing amount of legal copy which indirectly shows vulnerability of Windows. The Stacks point out about iPhoto Faces technology helping user to find photos swiftly which emphasize a positive point about OS X. Lastly, the Time Traveler presents a future PCs to see if it becomes stable and stress-free as Macs in the future, it invariably hangs.

Through the ads, Apple doesn’t deny that its products are more expensive, but instead tries to emphasize value and quality over the PC counterparts.