A new Daft Punk album is on the way, and the LP is to be produced by Nile Rodgers, the producer of such celebrated songs as Madonna's Material Girl and David Bowie's Let's Dance. 

News of a fourth Daft Punk album broke Tuesday night when legendary producer and Chic frontman Niles Rodgers told the Houston Culture Map about their plans to work together on a new LP: Those guys are great. They're coming to my apartment on Monday and we're going to talk about making a new record together.

The comment caught the eye of fans across the Web, and Nile Rodgers confirmed to Faster Louder Wednesday that the news is true, and he has been working with Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter:

We were just jamming at my house, but it's gonna be proper and real, Rodgers told Faster Louder. They came over to my today around breakfast time and it's now evening; I basically had to almost kick them out. We were having so much fun just in an informal setting that we decided to make it formal. And it's very formal. It's gonna be amazing.

After some prodding by Faster Louder, Rodgers further explained the collaboration on a new Daft Punk album:

It's funny. I've known Daft Punk for some time now but we were never really close - we never got a chance to hang out with each other, we would just meet in passing, he said. So today was the first chance we had to spend hours and hours together and it was just so awesome. Every track they played I just ran across the room and got my guitar and started playing and we were all dancing around my dining room having the time of our lives. It was something that was meant to be. It was interesting how Thomas said to me: 'It's funny, Nile, it's like we've completed the circle'. We've always just met, just had a moment to talk and then finally today we just said, this is something that has to happen.

Rodgers said the energy level is high and that he expects the album to be a success, and compared Daft Punk to other performers he has worked with in the past:

The best projects I've ever been involved in have always been like that. We vibe on an artistic level first - same thing happened with me and Bowie. Like Bowie, they can speak in abstract terms and I know exactly what they're talking about, he said. So it was funny. At one point I said, 'You've been talking for two hours and you haven't actually said exactly what you're talking about, but I know what you mean.' It's all the nuances of music and who a person is as an artist, concepts, where that concept is now in the arc of life - all of that type of stuff, which is what I really understand.

The famed producer, who recently beat cancer, did not give any indication when an album may be forthcoming, and wouldn't even fully confirm that one is. But his comments seem to indicate that Daft Punk's new album is on the way, and that it will be another banger.

Daft Punk are one of the world's most secretive bands, wearing robot helmets at all their shows and maximizing lights and other technology to create one of the most impressive live experiences in electronic music. They are also one of the most popular electronic bands, with a number of hits including Around the World and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, which was sampled by Kanye West.

Daft Punk are also working with songwriter Paul Williams on a collaboration, Williams has said.

What becomes of this frenzy of activity is yet to be seen, but fans are elated to see that Daft Punk are working on anything, as it's been seven years since they dropped a proper LP (2005's Human After All), though they did do the soundtrack to the 2010 film Tron: Legacy.

And they may also be working with Noah Lennox's group Panda Bear on a collaboration, according to Les Inrocks. Lennox said they offered me to work with them on their new project.

Watch the classic video for Daft Punk's hit Around the World below: