Double Fine, a company known for adventure games like “Broken Age” and "Psychonauts," has announced the release date of the tactical strategy game “Massive Chalice.” After much bug fixing, Double Fine has announced via Steam that “Massive Chalice” will come out on June 1 and will be available for Steam and eventually the Xbox One.

“Massive Chalice 1.0.” is presumably the first version of the game, with various updates on the way. This version will apparently have a more polished look than its beta test versions, along with controller support for the Steam version and some final features that the developer hasn’t revealed yet.

The development team made sure to listen to all of the fan feedback during the early access period for “Massive Chalice,” and now Polygon reports that the strategy game is officially in lockdown. That means the game is almost finished, with the developers simply looking for any possible bugs or glitches that might bother gamers from the June 1 release date.

During the launch, Double Fine will be holding the first “Massive Chalice” teamstream through the popular streaming service Twitch TV. The company has told fans to expect some silliness on the part of the developers.

Throughout the development period of “Massive Chalice,” Double Fine kept fans and funders of the game updated through the game’s official blog. The company not only kept fans in the know; it also revealed concept art, maps, wallpapers and a good number of pictures from the production meetings.

“Massive Chalice” is the second game that Double Fine has successfully funded through Kickstarter, the first being the critically acclaimed adventure game “Broken Age.” Recently, the second part of “Broken Age” came out, finally finishing out the game’s story, with both parts coming out as one package for the PlayStation 4 sometime this year.

Fans will be able to purchase “Massive Chalice” for the PC via Steam and the Xbox One. This is the first tactical strategy game from Double Fine, which has previously worked on point-and-click adventure games and platformers.

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MASSIVE CHALICE Kickstarter Video (Credit: YouTube/DoubleFineProd)