The new extended trailer of the upcoming film “Fantastic Four” has recently emerged. It provides a detailed look at each character and shows Reed Richards (Miles Teller) in his childhood days as he talks about his teleporting experiment in class. He can also be seen taking his friend to a garage and showing him the machine he is building to teleport.

The video then shows Dr. Franklin Storm (Reg E. Cathey) in a conference where he tells several government executives that Richards knows the answers to questions not even asked yet. He introduces Richards to his daughter, Sue Storm (Kate Mara), and son, Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordon), and tells Richards, “ I want you to create a place where we can know more about our planet.”

Richards, Sue, Johnny and Richard’s friend Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) are shown teleporting to an alternate universe, and when they come back to earth, their physical form changes. They can be seen getting superhuman abilities, and Dr. Allen (Tim Blake Nelson) can be seen saying, “They are dangerous and powerful, which makes them extremely valuable to the government.”

Doom is then introduced in the trailer and is shown creating havoc. The government asks the group, which is dubbed the Fantastic Four, to help them contain Doom.

Josh Trank directed the newest “Fantastic Four” film. According to the movie's official synopsis, it is a contemporary take on Marvel‘s original superhero team. The film’s screenwriter, Simon Kinberg, also said that the Marvel movie will focus on the concept of surrogate family.

“One thing that’s unique to it is that it’s always been about a family...I think the reason it’s endured this long, the powers are great, but the defining thing is the surrogate family. That’s something we really spent a long time talking about and putting into the film. I think that will differentiate us as well from all of the different superheroes and superhero groups out there,” he said to Collider.

“Fantastic Four” opens in the U.S. on Friday. It was largely shot in Louisiana and features music by Marco Beltrami and Philip Glass.