After the recent success stories of "Crossy Road" and "Pac-Man 256," two developers from Hipster Whale have formed Mighty Games and announced a new mobile title called "Shooty Skies." As the title implies, players will be shooting tons of enemies out of the sky in classic shoot-em-up fashion, with the same lovely graphics that helped make “Crossy Road” stand out.

From what can be seen in the video below, the shooting is fast and frantic, with plenty of enemies to shoot and bullets to dodge. Like most games from Hipster Whale, there are a ton of characters and weapons to unlock, all of which can be purchased with coins or real money.

Most of the characters from “Shooty Skies” have a special charge shot that can be used to take down some of the tougher enemies in the game. To do this, players need not to have any fingers on screen to charge the shot. Once it's fully charged, players can tap the screen and unleash a devastating attack, according to Touch Arcade.

Like most shooter games, getting plenty of points is what fuels the game’s addictiveness. As players get high scores, secret boxes are unlocked. These boxes give the player temporary weapon upgrades that will be incredibly useful during battle.

So far, reactions to the game have been fairly positive. A review from Pocket Gamer claimed that it was a better game than “Crossy Road” and a good-looking bullet hell shooter to boot. The game’s difficulty level was also praised, finding the right balance that will be challenging for veterans, but still appealing to casual gamers.

It will be interesting to see if “Shooty Skies” gains an audience as large as “Crossy Road” or “Pac-Man 256”. The latter managed to have 10 million downloads and was one of the more beloved mobile games of the year. It’s too soon to say that “Shooty Skies” will reach that level, but the positive press has somewhat helped the game’s momentum.

Shooter fans can download “Shooty Skies” right now in the iTunes App Store. The game is a free download, with in-app purchases for those who want to get to the good stuff right away.

Shooty Skies - first gameplay footage by Mighty Games (Credit: YouTube/Mighty Games)