Google is building on top of the allure of its new social network, Google+, with the release of an updated app that brings the social-network to all Apple devices.

The move follows the release of an iPhone only app last month, which has now been enhanced to work on Apple's iPad tablets and iPod Touch devices as well.

Google+ has enjoyed a meteoric rise in what analysts are calling the fastest growing website ever. In its first month the invite only service hi 25 million members.

While the rate of growth is unrivaled, the social network is still small in comparison to mature rivals Facebook and Twitter, which have 750 million and 200 million registered users, respectively.

Google+ already works on the company's own Android platform, giving it access to several millions of mobile handsets around the world. The updated app now gives it access to the Apple eco-system as well.

During Apple's fiscal third quarter earnings, reported in July, the company said that it sold 7.5 million iPods, with the "Touch" model representing over half of that.

Apple also boosted production of the iPad, selling 9.5 million units in the quarter.

In all the company said it has over 222 million "iOS" devices in the field, giving Google's new app ample opportunity to capitalize.

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