A CNN/University of New Hampshire poll released Tuesday finds the field wide-open for the narrowing number of candidates for the Republican primary.

At this stage of the competition, only 4 percent of New Hampshire voters say they've definitely decided who they will vote for and 87 percent say they have no idea.

If forced to choose from the present crop, though, voters overwhelmingly support former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney as the best chance of beating President Barack Obama in 2012.

Romney led the poll with 32 percent of GOP primary voters in the state. The rest of the GOP players are clumped at the bottom of the lineup, batting in the single digits amongst voters

Ron Paul is far behind Romney with 9 percent. Gingrich and Giuliani - who has yet to announce if he is running - are even further behind with 6 percentage points. And even further back, are those who announced their candidacy within the last week, namely Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty, who received only 4 percent of voters votes.

Only 13 percent of potential GOP primary voters in the state say they have definitely decided who to vote for or are leaning toward someone. And 43 percent wish that someone else would get in the race, with less than one in ten very satisfied with the current field, CNN polling director Keating Holland said. The race is likely to take some funny twists and turns between now and primary day.