First results are out from the New Hampshire primary presidential polls and it looks like a close race. Mitt Romney is leading by two votes and Ron Paul is in the second place, according to the results from Dixville Notch and Hart's Location, two tiny villages with just 9 and 23 voters each.

Romney is tied with Jon Huntsman by two votes, followed by Paul and Newt Gingrich with one vote each in Dixville. While Barack Obama received 3 votes in the Democratic primary. The town is known for its early voting practice, since decades. All the nine residents cast their votes soon after midnight. 

In Hart's Location, which has 23 voters, 5 votes were cast for Romney, 4 for Paul. Huntsman received 2 votes, while Gingrich and Rick Perry received one vote each. Obama garnered all the 10 Democrat votes in the Democratic primary.