Apple's new iPad will go on sale March 16 for $500 (16GB Wi-Fi only) so here's the top five new features explained. There are more than five new features, but we're going in depth on the five best. Some new additions worth noting are the refreshed iMovie and Garageband apps, but also the new quad-core graphics processor. The CPU is a dual-core system, but due to the new HD display on the iPad, a more powerful graphics processor was needed. There are some new Android-powered tablets coming out now with quad-core processors, however, and many of them use a chip made by a company called Nvidia. The Tegra 3 chip doesn't run on the AT&T or Verizon 4G LTE networks, so even if Apple wanted to include it, they would have had to nix the high-speed connection. 

One other noteworthy development was the iPad 2 was announced to go down to $400 for the 16 gigabyte Wi-Fi version. The Wi-Fi + 3G version will go for $530. The five best new features we'll dig into next are the new HD display, the iSight camera, 4G, voice dictation and the iPhoto app. Other new features we won't go into in depth are the increase in battery power and increased memory (RAM). Start the slideshow to see more about the new iPad's best new feature. Tell us in the comments if you're blown away by the new iPad or you're kind of meh.