The iPod may have disappeared from the top bar of Apple's home page, but that doesn't mean we've definitely seen the last of the popular music player.

Keen-eyed reader iPhone.Freak over at MacRumors has spotted some new iPod colors in the latest iTunes 12.2 update that have yet to be released. When setting up a new iPod, the welcome screen shows a dark blue iPod touch, a beige iPod nano and hot pink iPod shuffle. None of these models are publicly available yet.

The products are otherwise unchanged, with the iPod nano interface starting to show its age after iOS 7 removed the glossy interface elements from most of Apple's mobile products. The last time any of the products were updated was June 2014 when Apple quietly launched a new 16GB iPod touch that re-introduced the previously missing rear camera. The last major update was in October 2012, when Apple introduced the fifth-generation iPod touch and seventh-generation iPod nano.

Previously a highly-profitable line for Apple, the company stopped reporting iPod sales in its financial reports starting with Q1 2015. The last report of iPod sales, in Q4 2014, listed a 28% year-over-year drop in revenue. iPods are still available brand new from Apple, however, with the iPod classic the only line to have been formally discontinued.