The small plane that crashed on Interstate 287 in Harding, New Jersey, near exit 33 on Tuesday, has resulted in three confirmed deaths, according to the New Jersey State Police Twitter feed. It also reports that there may be one or two more possible deaths.

According to the New York Daily News, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Jim Peters said it appeared the plane's right wing was breaking off before the craft slammed into the highway in Morris County.

The FAA told The Associated Press that the plane was a Socata TBM-700 single-engine turboprop that had taken off from nearby Teterboro Airport and was headed for DeKalb Peachtree Airport near Atlanta when it disappeared from radar.

Witnesses reported the plane spiraling out of control, losing pieces, hitting the ground and exploding.

Shona Sternberg of Hillsborough, New Jersey told that the plane came from the west and smacked down on the highway. Sternberg also said she didn't hear any noises but saw an explosion as soon as the plane made impact.

There was a lot of fire and big black smoke, she said. I could smell burning, burnt rubber. You see something happening, you know it's going to crash and you can't do anything.

Sternberg was driving north on 287 to Madison, New Jersey, when she called from the scene of the crash. She said the plane looked like it was in trouble before it even crashed.

Something was breaking off the plane as it was coming down. It was coming down fast. It looked like the right wing was breaking off.

The Twitter feed says that both the northbound and southbound shoulders on the interstate are open to traffic.