Here we go again. Kobe Bryant's Grinch shoes will be stealing Christmas.

Last Christmas, Bryant laced up in a more reptilian, scale-like pair of shoes that seemed to fail at paying homage to Theodor Geisel's How The Grinch Stole Christmas! for a game against the Miami Heat. The shoes might just have even been so hard on the eyes that it probably stole the Los Angeles Lakers' Christmas hopes of winning the game. The Heat trounced 96-80.

This year, for the Lakers' showdown against the Chiacgo Bulls, Kobe seems to have incorporated some Lakers flare into his shoes, from the Nike Zoom VII series, mixing both solid and plaid purple with Grinch-green. A cheetah, panther or some big feline dons the back of the shoes with Kobe's autograph hovering over the animal. Plus, there is a caliper system spread on the heel and red laces to boot.

Bah! Humbug.

The 2.0 Grinch shoes look more modern than last year's, but by all estimation, Kobe should be able top this one come next year.