LG may already be teasing the LG V20 handset’s audio features, but the company has kept the device’s final look under wraps. Now, a few photos of the V20 have made their way online, and they may already have confirmed the device's final look.

First up is a new render shared on Twitter by notorious leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks). Unlike previous renders of the LG V20 that were leaked several weeks ago, this one seems to look more official. Blass only shared one render and it gives everyone a look at the LG V20’s front.

The secondary display on top (just below the earpiece) is clearly visible on the photo. The LG V10 was the first to feature this secondary display where notifications and other stuff like network connectivity are shown. Its return for the V20 isn’t that all too surprising considering that it’s pretty much the line’s defining and unique feature.

LG V20 render New render for the LG V20 looks like it may be official. Photo: Evan Blass

What’s most interesting is the bottom bezel of the LG V20. Unlike previous renders, it looks quite different this time around. The bottom bezel seems to have extended farther down to make room for the LG logo. The reason why this is important is because now it looks like the V20 may not have the same removable bottom bezel that’s similar to the LG G5’s modular design.

If this render is accurate, it looks like there’s very little room for any modular accessories to be plugged in, as pointed out by Android Police. Although it looks like the V20 won’t be modular, perhaps the bottom bezel is still removable so users will be able to access its battery.

LG V20 Render Previous render for the LG V20 shows a thicker bottom bezel. Photo: Android Authority

It may be too early to tell whether LG has entirely scrapped the idea of a modular design for the V20. It’s still possible that LG may have found a way to make the bottom bezel a lot smaller without compromising its modular feature.

Lastly, a set of photos of the LG V20 has also been published online by GSM Arena. The site claims that the photos were provided by an unnamed case maker.

The photos show the handset in several angles. However, the V20 is inside a transparent case in all of the photos. The problem with this set of photos is that the V20 shown here seems to be similar to the previous leaked renders and not the one shared by Blass on Twitter.

LG V20 With Transparent Case LG V20 render provided by an unnamed case maker. Photo: GSMArena

The LG V20 is scheduled to be unveiled on Sept. 6 during a press event in San Francisco. The handset is speculated to be available to preorder on Sept. 14 and will ship on Sept. 23.

The LG V20 is believed to come with a 5.7-inch quad HD display, a Qualcomm 820 processor and 4GB of RAM. On the back, the handset will sport dual cameras and a fingerprint scanner.