It looks like the iTunes App Store and Google Play are about to have a new mobile platformer, as Turkish studio MobGe Games has announced “Viking Mushroom” – a side-scrolling mobile game that should be finished seven or eight months from now. The gameplay and graphics seem to be reminiscent of recent “Rayman” games, which should please fans of the platforming genre and mobile game users in general.

A number of details about the game were revealed during an interview with the Examiner, where MobGe representatives talked about the game’s concept and how the studio came to be. “Viking Mushroom” will apparently be about the Vikings of the past and their lives, with some interesting and beautiful fantasy elements added.

The game’s graphics have been praised by Touch Arcade, with influences from games like “Rayman Legends” and the lively characters that appear and move in the background. Some might consider it a subtle touch, but it is highly appreciated when a developer takes the time to make a video game feel more alive and atmospheric, especially when it’s a mobile game made for smartphones and tablets.

MobGe also promises that the game will be a humorous experience, while also stating that some of the runes and items are based on actual medieval artifacts. The writers of the game’s plot have also read a number of Viking stories, so fans looking for an authentic Viking experience could find it in this mobile platformer.

As to why the game is called “Viking Mushroom,” MobGe is promising that mushrooms will play an essential role, but won’t reveal it until the game’s release. MobGe promises that the game’s story will be an immersive one, so mushrooms could be what the Vikings hold dear or something similar.

“Viking Mushroom” will be coming to iOS and Android devices sometime next year. With many similarities to the acclaimed “Rayman” games, this looks like a title worth waiting for for platforming fans.

Viking Mushroom - Forest Rush (Credit: YouTube/Mobge Games)