The top-down shooter genre has been a favorite of many mobile gamers, so it can be considered good news that developer Pixelbite Games has announced “Xenowerk” for iOS and Android this summer. Currently, there is no specified release date for the upcoming mobile shooter, though Pixelbite will probably release more details about the game, as its release date draws closer.

According to a report from Pocket Gamer, this will be the second top-down mobile shooter that Pixelbite has worked on, the first being the surprise episodic hit “Space Marshalls.” Other than that, the studio has also worked on the Android exclusive “Reckless Racing,” which also proved to be a success among Android players.

“Xenowerk” will be set in a space station that is filled with mutant experiments to take down. This is not just a bullet-hell shooter though, as the station’s power has been cut, so the player will not only have to rely on his or her weapon but also their flashlight, a premise that proved to be successful and frightening in “Doom 3.”

This being a shooter from Pixelbite, fans can expect “Xenowerk” to be more strategic than a typical mobile shooter, especially with the aforementioned power cut and dark corners that await the player. Of course, that doesn’t mean the game will be lacking in firepower, as players will have to upgrade their weapons if they hope to survive the increasingly tough levels of “Xenowerk.”

Should the power of a bullet or laser not be enough to take down a foe, players will also have access to special powerups that can help change the tide of the battle in their favor. These special powers will give the player’s guns some serious firepower, so players should take advantage of these enhancements when they’re caught in a tough situation.

Currently, it’s unknown if “Xenowerk” will be a free-to-play mobile shooter or if it will be a paid purchase, but whatever the case, the game does look promising. Fans excited about the shooter may want to check the official Pixelbite website to see updates on the game, along with the other titles that the studio has worked on.

Xenowerk - Teaser (Credit: YouTube/Pixelbite Games)