Motorola has finally unveiled three smartphones catering to both mid-range and high-end segments. They are a budget-friendly Moto G (Gen 3) or Moto G 2015, a mid-ranger named Moto X Play and a device with cutting-edge configurations called Moto X Style.

Price And Release Date

The Moto X Style will set buyers back $200 to $300 cheaper than flagship devices from competitors. If a rival flagship smartphone costs $700, this Moto device will be around $400 and $500 price range, says Phone Arena. Motorola also will unveil the Moto X Style Pure Edition for a price of $399, specific to the U.S. market. This model will reportedly be an unlocked version, which will be compatible with all major U.S. networks. The release is expected in September.

The mid-range Moto X Play's release date has apparently been set for August. It will cost $300 to $400. The base model of the Moto X Play price will reportedly be $300, although, the price varies slightly based on the internal storage selection.

The wallet-friendly Moto G 2015's release is expected imminently, and the price is set to be roughly $180 for the variant with 8 GB of internal storage capacity and 1 GB of RAM. The 16 GB memory variant with 2 GB RAM configuration will set the buyers back by approximately $220.

To summarize the cost details, Phone Arena says, the starting price of the Moto G 2015, Moto X Play and Moto X Style will be nearly $200, $300 and $400, respectively. At the same time, the release dates of the Moto G 2015, Moto X Play and Moto X Style are set in July, August and September, respectively.

Moto G 2015 Video

Lastly, interested readers can check out the video of the Moto G 2015, waiting to be released immediately: (Credit: YouTube/Motorola Mobility).

CORRECTION, 11:50 a.m. EDT, Aug. 5, 2015: This story should have stated that Motorola has not confirmed the information about Moto X Play.

CORRECTION, 10:27 p.m. EDT, Aug. 5, 2015: The Moto X Play will not be released in the U.S.