“Nier” was one of the odder games that came out for Sony's PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, so it was very interesting to see Square Enix unveil a sequel to the game during this week's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. While Square Enix will continue to publish the game, the game’s development has been handed to Titanium Games, the same company currently working on the upcoming “Transformers: Devastation.”

Despite being a “Nier” sequel, both companies have yet to give the game an official subtitle and have also told fans that the game will not be called “Nier 2.” According to Polygon, that decision may have been made to lure in new players who weren’t able to play the original title, as Square Enix has promised that the game will be a perfect introduction for gamers who are unfamiliar with the title.

That’s not to say either the publisher or developer are ashamed of the previous game, as characters from the first game will be making an appearance in the new “Nier” game, though it was promised that they wouldn’t confuse any new gamers. It seems like the point of the sequel is giving the game’s world and characters a second chance to engage gamers that either weren’t impressed or were incredibly intimidated by the first game.

One main cause for the mixed reaction to the first game was its weird blend of game genres that would completely alter the gameplay. The game would switch within a blink of an eye from being an action role-playing game (RPG) to a bullet-hell shooter or another game genre, either confusing or enthralling gamers -- hence its status as a cult favorite. The sequel may just keep things simple, as it might just stick with the action RPG elements, though it will feature three playable characters, all of which will be new to the series.

Choice was also a huge factor in the original “Nier,” especially when it came to the game’s ending. Without giving away any spoilers, the player can choose to sacrifice himself for the greater good, which results in the game deleting the player’s save and not allowing them to use the same name for the character anymore. A report from GameSpot has confirmed that this will no longer be the case, as replays and multiple playthroughs will be a big factor for the “Nier” sequel.

With Titanium Games now involved, and three playable characters, Square Enix is hoping that the new “Nier” game appeals to audiences. No official release date has been given yet.

Nier: New Project Announcement Trailer - IGN Live: E3 2015 (Credit: YouTube/IGN)