It was at Comic-Con on Saturday when Kristen Stewart's first ever picture as "Snow White" was revealed, and she didn't look like a damsel in distress at all. She was dressed in medieval armor, holding a large shield.

The "Twilight" actress is playing the title role in Joe Roth's "Snow White and The Huntsman," which is not going to be like the fun and colorful Disney version of the past.

The co-stars of Stewart, 21, include Charlize Theron (evil stepmother), Chris Hemsworth (the Huntsman) and Sam Claflin (the Prince).

The other "Snow White" film set to hit movie theaters in coming days is made by Relativity Media starring Julia Roberts and Lily Collins.

Start slideshow to view Kristen Stewart in her new "Snow White" attire, along with her most glamorous looks in recent times.

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