After nearly six months without any new footage, Warner Bros. and DC Comics debuted the second official trailer for its upcoming ensemble cast movie, “Suicide Squad," Tuesday night. Although the film features a cavalcade of stars and odd characters, one stands out very high above the rest. 

For months, fans have been eagerly anticipating the debut of Jared Leto’s new take on the iconic Batman villain the Joker. Because he’s by far the most famous of the comic book villains making their way to the big screen in “Suicide Squad,” the first official trailer only showed a brief cameo of the clown prince of at the very end where he is gleefully telling an unknown victim that he plans to hurt him "really, really bad.” 

The film focuses on a group of supervillains that are tasked with teaming up after the government promises them lighter prison sentences if they complete a nearly impossible mission. Although the second trailer doesn't explain exactly what that mission is, Entertainment Weekly notes that it did feature an awful lot more footage of Leto’s undeniably evil Joker. 

The heavily tattooed villain appears toward the middle of the new teaser promising a seemingly helpless victim that he can’t wait to show him his new toys. Later in the trailer, fans are given a very brief look at what the bad guy appeared to be talking about. The Joker is seen lying down on the floor and laughing maniacally surrounded by a collection of guns, knives, hand grenades and other weapons that have been meticulously laid out in a circular pattern. USA Today reports that Joker isn't necessarily part of the Squad, meaning he doesn't have to play by any rules or care about the payment of a lighter prison term. As a result, it's possible he's just around for the fun of torturing and hurting people. 

From there, the already action-packed trailer flashes to a slew of shots showing other members of the squad, including Joker, battling it out with unknown enemies scored to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The Joker appears in a couple of quick shots doing things like firing a machine gun, driving his high-end purple sports car and laughing like a madman. However, the most intriguing shots show him apparently saving his comic book paramore Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) from drowning in an unknown liquid. The image is actually very striking for its beauty as the villain lifts the young lady up as the colors from their respective clown makeup swirl in the water beneath them. 

With the film is promising to bring some of the most evil characters to ever grace the pages of DC comics to the big screen fans only have until Aug. 5 to familiarize themselves with the other supporting characters that will join the Joker when the “Suicide Squad” is finally assembled. In the meantime, people can check out the trailer below and see the Joker in action for the first time.