A fresh video of Nokia’s upcoming Sea Ray, powered by Microsoft’s Windows 7, has started doing the rounds on YouTube. The newest video was leaked from a development factory in either China or Hong Kong.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Back in June, teased the world with a brief glimpse of the Sea Ray, which looked like the new Nokia N9, introduced just the day before the CEO’s presentation.

Previously it was expected that the Sea Ray would arrive after the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update was introduced. The new video suggests that that the update could arrive as early as August.

The captured video has shown the smartphone in a more detailed way. Specifications are yet to be revealed, but the video shows the Sea Ray has hardware buttons and is already running the Mango update. The smartphone, however, does not have a front-facing camera for video chat options, as the Mango update is expected to bring forward a sea of video calling applications like Fring and Skype.

The version of the Mango shown in the video is RTM (release to manufacturer) and is specifically of build 7710, wpcentral reported.

Watch the leaked video below: