The Obama administration is trying to address one of the biggest fears potential small business exporters face: Worry that it's too complex.

A U.S. government website introduced on Friday offers small businesses guidance and support in a six-step process. The tool, available at helps businesses by offering self-assessments, training, business plans, market research and financing information. The site functions partly by directing users to guides and other information already available on various government web sites.

One of the main hurdles potential exporters face is their fear that exporting is too complicated. This six-step process addresses and dispels that concern, said Small Business Administration Administrator Karen Mills.

The website is part of President Barack Obama's initiative to double U.S. exports and support 2 million jobs over the next two years.

Connecting America's entrepreneurs and small businesses with new buyers and new markets abroad will help create jobs and spur sustainable economic growth. U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke said.

Mills said tapping into opportunities in the global market makes perfect sense and is more attainable than ever for small business owners.