All good things must come to an end, or in the case of "The Evil Within," all evil things, as Bethesda has announced the release date of the final DLC for the title. Players will be able to use one of the game's biggest enemies, the Keeper, and execute others with a variety of weapons in “The Executioner” DLC, which will be available next Tuesday.

In “The Executioner,” players will look through the eyes of the Keeper or Box Head, as some fans call him, as he takes on a variety of enemies, including some really feasome ones, as can be seen in the trailer below. Bethesda made the announcement on its official blog, where the trailer was unveiled.

What differentiates “The Executioner” from the other content of the game is the new first-person point of view of the player. Furthermore, “The Executioner” will focus on close combat, using weapons like the Keeper’s handy mallet and the fan-favorite chainsaw, with Bethesda promising even more weapons that can be unlocked in the DLC.

But it’s not just fighting and torture in this “Evil Within” DLC, as players will also get to know the secret history of the Keeper. According to Game Informer, players will get to know the man behind the safe as well as how he ended up becoming the Keeper and his decision to wear a safe as a fashion accessory.

It seems the story is an important theme in the rest of the DLC, as previous packs explored Julie Kidman’s side of the main campaign in “The Evil Within.” Fans were able to get to know the character through the other two DLC packs: “The Assignment” and “The Consequence.”

Players who purchased the “Evil Within” season pass for $19.99 will be able to download “The Executioner” along with the other two DLC packs right away. “The Executioner” can be purchased separately from the season pass and the other DLC packs for $4.99.

The Evil Within: The Executioner - Official Gameplay Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)