One of the terror suspects in New York City proclaimed his innocence. He and Ferhani were arrested Wednesday, charged with terrorism and hate crimes, plotting to kill Jews in Manhattan synagogues.

In an interview published on Saturday, Mohamed Mamdouh told the New York Daily News, that he was not involved in the reputed plot by his co-defendant, Ahmed Ferhani, who Mohamed said as a drinking buddy and casual acquentance.

Mamdouh told the newspaper that Ferhani had anger issues, and He gets mad and says things. According to the police, Ferhani also spoke about taking down the Empire State Building and a Queens church, and was always sick of the globak mistreatment of Muslims.

One day when Mamdouh, Ferhani and an undercover officer were hanging out, it all began. I was drunk, Mamdouh reflected and said that was just a conversation, and nothing serious.

As the police arrested the pair, the situation turned to be fairly serious. Mamdouh's lawyer is requesting more information regarding the undercover police's interaction with Mamdouh and Ferhani.

I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, said Mamdouh.