Dust off those tie-dye shirts, Dead Heads and flower children, because designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy of Rodarte, who hold high command in the fashion industry, have brought them back.

Inspired by their native Santa Cruz, Calif., the Mulleavy sisters made their "own version" of tie dye, according to Laura, on silk satin in hues of pink, blue, red and black for Fall 2013 at the show during New York Fashion Week on Tuesday.

"We always knew we'd do a collection about where we grew up," Kate told Style.com.

The sisters also drew inspiration for their set from the Santa Cruz boardwalk with the colored circular pathway representing the Giant Dipper roller coaster in their hometown. Models walked around the installation wearing gowns and dresses in tie-dye. Some were embroidered with red roses, others with prints of the Grateful Dead, with Swarvoski crystals and others, most shockingly, with pieces of 3-D double-faced foam bibs, straps and collars.

“We wanted to build on some structure as a contrast, so a garment wasn’t all print,” Laura said in a backstage interview. “Something minimal and modern.”

The collection also included trench coats paired over shorts, biker jackets and monochromatic dresses emanating a 1990's vibe.

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