The Gay Marriage Bill is still priority on the agenda of the New York State Senate, which met till late Thursday night to come closer to a conclusions on the believed to be pivotal bill for the national Lesbian, Gay, Bi- and Transsexual movement.

Republicans holding the majority in Senate plan to take up the bill, which LGBT supporters hope will continue a series of success for much of the Northeast Atlantic coast of the United States giving the movement more power to extend its claims through all states. Legal equality in marriage status was so far reached in Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia as well as the state of Iowa.

Even though some believe the Gay Marriage bill might face delays as senators try to avoid reaching a conclusion on the topic on Thursday night their meeting was ended just before 11 P.M. by Senate leader Dean Skelos, when the printing of bills was expected to not be finished before 4 A.M. on Friday morning - for health reasons.