New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg traveled to New York's capital Tuesday, putting action behind his words to stand up for marriage equality.

The trip to Albany, made with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, was an effort to nudge GOP Senators to take up and approve same-sex marriage. Bloomberg argued that voting for gay marriage is line with their party's support for limited government.

Government shouldn't be in the business of telling people what they can do with their personal lives, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, Bloomberg said. It doesn't mean everybody has to agree, but nobody's getting hurt.

Bloomberg, who has been known to contribute large sums to the Senate GOP majority, warned Senate Republicans that they don't want to end up on the wrong side of history or, he said, without his financial support.

In December 2009, a same-sex marriage bill was defeated by a 24-38 vote in the state Senate. All Republicans and eight Democrats voted against the measure. The Republicans hold a 32-30 majority in the chamber.