Next Issue Media, a joint venture in digital publishing, finally unveiled its digital newsstand, albeit an early edition of a product that the company has billed as a digital solution for publishers.

The newsstand is expected to launch Wednesday as a preview on Samsung's Galaxy Tab from Verizon Wireless. The Galaxy Tab uses Google's Android mobile operating system.

Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp. and Time Inc. established Next Issue Media nearly 18 months ago with the intent of creating a leading force in digital publishing. The preview, which was unveiled by Next Issue CEO Morgan Guenther, is meant to act as a trial run for the company.

Next Issue Media's newsstand preview will feature only seven publications: Esquire, Fitness, Fortune, Parents, Popular Mechanics, The New Yorker and Time. Individual applications for each magazine will be available in Verizon's VCAST app store.

This coming fall, the company expects to release a single app that will feature digital editions of every publication offered. Guenther said the company also expects to add more publications during the summer.

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