Google’s Huawei-built Nexus 6P is easily one of the impressive Android devices released recently. It has the size, slimness quotient, unibody design, impressive camera and not to forget, the cutting-edge under the hood configurations. However, this device was apparently not easy to make, says Huawei’s VP.

Android Central was part of the media event where Huawei launched the power-packed Kirin 950 chipset. During the event, Bruce Lee, Huawei VP of Handsets Product Line, reportedly acknowledged that working with Google to manufacture Nexus 6P was a dream come true.

Even though, Huawei has a huge presence in Asia with its impressive “Honor,” “Mate” and “P” series of devices, the company has not invaded the U.S. soil with a killer device, until Nexus 6P happened. Google’s device also helped Huawei gain market share across the globe other than Asia.

As quoted by Android Central, Lee apparently said, "We make no compromises in the terms of the quality and the consumer experience from the very beginning when we designed this product.”

As it turns out, Huawei worked very hard to get the Nexus 6P right. It is not that the company is new to device making, but because of the fact that the company is building an Android device that will be sold worldwide for the first time.

In general, this tech giant is known for “segmented approach” in selling devices. Case in point, the Mate series targets business customers, the P series is known for its premium design and the Honor series does very well in the e-commerce segment.

The VP also noted that once a company gets the Google contract, the development cycle is quite short. To top it off, the company has to work on the aluminum unibody construction, which is relatively harder when compared to the plastic/polycarbonate devices.

Furthermore, the effort that went into making various “LTE band components” that work across the globe was apparently challenging for the company. In his own words, "I've been working on mobile phones for over a decade and this one is the most challenging projects."

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