Running a marathon of eight hours of coverage, the 2015 NFL Draft enters its final day with the fourth through seventh rounds taking place Saturday afternoon at the Chicago Auditorium Theatre.

Most of the praise and lucrative contracts have already been shelled out to the players who were selected in Thursday’s first round, and the second and third rounds Friday, but the third day of the draft is where some of the league’s biggest and most recent stars have begun their careers.

Famously, the Seattle Seahawks built the foundation of their record-breaking defense in rounds five to seven back in 2011. On the third day that year, the Seahawks selected defensive back Richard Sherman No. 154 overall in the fifth round, defensive back Byron Maxwell at No. 173 overall in the sixth, and future Super Bowl MVP and linebacker Malcolm Smith at No. 242 overall in the seventh.

Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe dropped to the seventh round where the Denver Broncos scooped him up in 1990, and five years later Denver mined running back and future league MVP Terrell Davis in the sixth round.

And of course New England Patriots' fans remember the 2000 NFL Draft, when then-relatively unknown Michigan quarterback Tom Brady fell to them at No. 199 overall in the sixth round. Now perhaps the greatest value pick in league history, Brady went on to win four Super Bowls and two NFL MVPs.

It’s impossible to tell if any of Saturday’s late-round picks will pan out the same way, but it’s proof that a number of talented players have fallen through the cracks of the scouting process and simply need one more chance to make the NFL.

Unlike Day 2, when fans were asked to switch over from ESPN to ESPN2, all of Day 3 will be televised on ESPN. The NFL Network will also show the final day.

Spectators should expect the process to move much quicker in the final rounds. The time between picks from the fourth to sixth round is only five minutes, and it drops to four minutes in the seventh.

Start Time: Saturday, Noon to 8 p.m. ET

TV Channel: ESPN or NFL Network

Live Stream Info: A live stream is available at Watch ESPN here