With the conclusion of the NFL regular season, the order for the first 20 picks of the 2016 NFL Draft is now set. With the first overall pick in the draft, the Tennessee Titans are now on the clock.

Tennessee and the Cleveland Browns both lost in Week 17 and ended the season with matching 3-13 records. The Titans dropped the final four games of the season and starting quarterback Marcus Mariota in the process but then lost backup Zach Mettenberger in the third quarter of Sunday’s game. Third-string Alex Tanney almost brought Tennessee from behind but luckily for their draft hopes, the Titans fell, 30-24.

Cleveland played Austin Davis under center and fell to Pittsburgh, 28-12, as the Steelers clinched a playoff berth as the Browns end up with their lowest win total since 2000. Despite the matching records, Tennessee winds up with the first pick due to the tiebreaker and Cleveland ends up No. 2.

The draft order is determined by record but in the common event of multiple teams with the same amount of wins and losses, strength of schedule is used as the tiebreaker.

There was also a tie for the third and fourth picks between San Diego and Dallas, who both finished 4-12 but the Chargers get the No. 3 pick and the Cowboys receive No. 4. Three teams are knotted at 5-11 but Jacksonville receives pick No. 5, Baltimore gets No. 6 and San Francisco will select No. 7. The top 10 is rounded out by three 6-10 teams as Miami picks No. 8, Tampa Bay winds up No. 10 and the New York Giants select No. 10.

Tennessee picked No. 2 overall in last year's draft and selected Mariota after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected quarterback Jameis Winston with the No. 1 pick.

Here is the order of all 20 non-playoff teams for the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, which will take place April 28-30 at Auditorium Theatre in Chicago.

  1. Tennessee (3-13)
  2. Cleveland (3-13)
  3. San Diego (4-12)
  4. Dallas (4-12)
  5. Jacksonville (5-11)
  6. Baltimore (5-11)
  7. San Francisco (5-11)
  8. Miami (6-10)
  9. Tampa Bay (6-10)
  10. NY Giants (6-10)
  11. Chicago (6-10)
  12. New Orleans (7-9)
  13. Philadelphia (7-9)
  14. Oakland (7-9)
  15. St. Louis (7-9)
  16. Detroit (7-9)
  17. Atlanta (8-8)
  18. Indianapolis (8-8)
  19. Buffalo (8-8)
  20. NY Jets (10-6)