The cream has already risen to the top of the NHL standings, with the New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks considered the heavy favorites to meet and possibly claim the 2015 Stanley Cup in the next two months. According to, the 51-21 Rangers hold 6/1 odds to win their first Cup since 1994, and Chicago is at 15/2 for their second up in three seasons.

But at the bottom of both the Eastern and Western Conference things are far more interesting. In the East, the Pittsburgh Penguins hold the No. 6 seed, but are deadlocked at 95 points with the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings, with the Ottawa Senators lurking with 93 points and capable of moving up.

Over in the West, the defending champion Los Angeles Kings are currently out, due to fewer combined regulation and overtime wins than the No.8 seed Calgary Flames. And the Vancouver Canucks are hold a four-game lead over Calgary, but only have two games left to pad their lead while every other team below them have three left to improve their seeding.

Due to a favorable schedule in their last three games, and the Kings recent propensity for coming on late in the season for deep postseason runs, they are still a major Cup contender. Bookmakers have tabbed the Kings at 12/1 odds, with a road matchup against 23-43 Edmonton, Calgary and a season finale at home against already eliminated San Jose in their favor.

The Penguins are in a far glummer situation. They’ve lost three straight, including two to in-state rival Philadlephia, and next play Ottawa and the N.Y. Islanders before taking on lowly Buffalo.

But the Senators maybe have the most difficult road, facing three straight playoff teams in the Rangers, Penguins and Flyers, and owning only 34 combined regulation and overtime wins.

2015 Stanley Cup Odds

N.Y. Rangers 6/1

Chicago Blackhawks 15/2

Anaheim Ducks 9/1

Minnesota Wild 9/1

Montreal Canadiens 10/1

St. Louis Blues 10/1

L.A. Kings 12/1

Nashville Predators 12/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 12/1

Boston Bruins 16/1

N. Y. Islanders 16/1

Pittsburgh Penguins 18/1

Washington Capitals 18/1

Vancouver Canucks 20/1

The full list of odds can be viewed at here.

Eastern Conference Odds

N.Y. Rangers 11/4

Montreal Canadiens 9/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 5/1

Boston Bruins 7/1

Pittsburgh Penguins 7/1

N.Y. Islanders 8/1

Detroit Red Wings 9/1

Washington Capitals 10/1

Ottawa Senators 33/1

Western Conference Odds

Chicago Blackhawks 7/1

Minnesota Wild 9/2

Anaheim Ducks 5/1

St. Louis Blues 5/1

Nashville Predators 13/2

L.A. Kings 7/1

Vancouver Canucks 10/1

Winnipeg Jets 16/1

Calgary Flames 20/1