Nick Gordon and his legal team are gearing up for what's sure to be a lengthy court battle as they dispute the wrongful death suit filed against him by Bobbi Kristina Brown's conservator. Bedelia Hargrove filed the lawsuit, claiming Gordon, 25, is responsible for his former girlfriend Bobbi Kristina Brown's death. Gordon's team of lawyers have vehemently denied their clients involvement in any crime and are now ready to make their arguments in front of a judge.

According to Us Weekly, Gordon's lawyers are arguing that the lawsuit is prejudice. Legal documents obtained by the publication state that Bobbi Kristina Brown's celebrity has drawn media attention, on both a national and international scale, to the case. The attorneys claim the case favors Bobbi Kristina Brown's side legally and financially. In addition to being unfair to Gordon, his lawyers alsp claim statements made by their client during the earlier civil case may be incriminating. 

"As a result of Bobbi Kristina Brown's parentage, her death, and the subsequent criminal investigation has garnered national and international media attention adverse to Mr. Gordon," the court documents read. "Mr. Gordon will be unfairly, legally, and financially prejudiced should he be subject to parallel criminal and civil proceedings."

In addition, Gordon's lawyers say the accusations made against him in the suit are "lacking any supporting facts." His attorneys have said Hargrove's lawsuit calls Gordon "a murderer, a habitual batterer or women, a seducer of young white females, a thief and/or con-man fueled by monetary gain, and a chemist capable of making a toxic cocktail." Gordon's legal team has suggested these allegations were intended to hurt their client emotionally and create a "racial animus" against him.

Despite the denial from Gordon's legal team Bobbi Kristina Brown's family is standing firm in their belief that he killed his former girlfriend. On Sept. 28, Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown's father, released a statement through his lawyer in which he named Gordon as his daughter's killer. He went on to reveal that Gordon's lawyers initially filed a motion to have the case thrown out, but had no success. The motion has been withdrawn and Gordon is now being forced to deliver a deposition. 

The initial lawsuit, issued by Hargrove, was issued in August. The documents claimed that Gordon had perpetuated the farce that he and Bobbi Kristina Brown were married in an effort to limit her contact with other men. It went on to say that he had stolen money from her bank account, transferring it directly to his own. The suit also claimed that Gordon came home from a cocaine-fueled night of partying with another woman. He and Bobbi Kristina Brown are said to have engaged in a heated argument, at which time he allegedly gave her a toxic cocktail. The lawsuit claims that after she became unconscious he put her in the bathtub full of water. 

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only daughter of late singer Whitney Houston, was found facedown in a bathtub filled with water in her Roswell, Georgia, home on Jan. 31. She passed away at the age of 22 on July 26.