Nick Gordon has been spotted for the first time since the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown. As you may recall, Gordon was not able to see the 22-year-old at any point during the nearly six months that lead up to her death July 26. He appears to be trying to keep her memory alive by wearing an item she once cherished. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, Gordon was seen taking a walk with his mother, Michelle Gordon. Michelle has been a pillar of support for her son from the beginning, appearing alongside him during his interview on the "Dr. Phil" show and speaking out on his behalf frequently. Cameramen on the scene were able to capture a short video of the mother-son duo during their walk. The clip shows the 25-year-old sporting his "wedding ring" yet again. He also appeared to be wearing the ring he gave Bobbi Kristina on a chain around his neck. Gordon stayed silent, choosing not to answer the photographers questions regarding his relationship with the Brown and Houston families.

Sources have said that, after receiving the news of Bobbi Kristina's death, Nick was "very upset." Insiders told People magazine that although their relationship had it's ups and downs, he "really did love her." He was so distraught that he is said to have been placed on suicide watch after the news broke for fear that he may harm himself.

As you may recall, both Nick and Bobbi Kristina claimed they had gotten married in January 2014. According to The Huffington Post, it was later revealed by representatives for both parties that the marriage was not official. As we previously reported, Nick has been slammed with a lawsuit by Bedelia C. Hargrove, Bobbi Kristina's conservator, claiming he manipulated, abused and stole from her during their relationship. He is believed to have perpetuated the lie that he and Bobbi Kristina were married in an attempt to limit her social interactions with other men. 

The Fulton County district attorney's office was said to be reviewing the case in further detail on June 25 in preparation for a possible murder trial. It was previously reported that the case has been upgraded to a potential homicide following Bobbi Kristina's passing. Gordon has been a lead suspect in the investigation surrounding his girlfriend's injuries launched shortly after her hospitalization on Jan. 31. He has not commented on the lawsuit nor the potential trial against him, but he is believed to have put together a "strong" legal team to defend him.