Nick Jonas may have been absent in the last few episodes of Fox’s “Scream Queens,” but his character Boone is now back on the show. In a recent interview, Jonas revealed a few details about Boone’s new look and the exciting things that are set to happen in the Fox series.

Episode 8 of “Scream Queens” titled “Mommie Dearest” showed Jonas’ character Boone’s return, sporting a new beefier body and a bearded look. In an exclusive “Scream Queens” interview clip, Jonas shared how his character thinks his new look is the perfect disguise to hide his identity, E!News reported. 

"He thinks he's got a brilliant disguise on and he's blending in perfectly with the normal crowd. Clearly he doesn't,” Jonas said in the interview clip. “He's not the brightest in the bunch. But it's really setting up what's about to happen in the next episode."

The “Scream Queens” clip also showed a few scenes of what’s going to happen in the next episode of the Fox series. Jonas even commented that unexpected things is set to happen in “Scream Queens” and that his Boone character will play a much bigger role in the Red Devil mayhem.

"The minute you think something's happening, something changes and everything is flipped on its head," he said. "I think you'll see very clearly with Boone that he's probably more involved than you thought originally and really in the mix."

Other details to watch out for in episode 9 of “Scream Queens” involves the reason behind the red cape and why the story is based on the Kappas, according to E!News. The next episode will also explain why Jonas’s Boone is set on killing Gigi Caldwell, who is played by Nasim Pedrad. Episode 9 will also feature actress Emma Robert’s character, Chanel Oberlin, being invited to the family estate of Chad Radwell, played by Glen Powell.

Meanwhile, MTV reported that with Jonas’ character’s recent return to “Scream Queens,” the identity of one of the killers is now confirmed. Boone revealed that Gigi is one of the three murderers in the hit Fox series, as shown in the last few scenes of episode 8. Unfortunately, Gigi is also next on the Red Devil’s victim list.

“Scream Queens” airs every Tuesday on Fox.