Tallahassee police officials are crediting Florida State University football player Nick Waisome aiding in the capture of two burglars who had alleged broken into his apartment.

Waisome, a junior at Florida State, returned to his Tallahassee apartment on July 5 to find two burglars standing inside, Fox Sports Florida reports. Initially, the 21-year-old attempted to avoid a violent confrontation by leaving through the apartment’s front door, according to a Tallahassee Police Department report.

However, when Waisome noticed that the two burglary suspects, 23-year-old Mario Crawford and 34-year- Tavares Rumph, were attempting to flee, he decided to take action, Fox Sports Florida reports. The cornerback ran into his apartment’s backyard, where he confronted Mario Crawford, knocking him to the ground.

“I figured they didn’t have a gun because if they did they would’ve shot me,” Waisome told local television outlet WCTV. “But when they started running then I just decided I wanted to get one person at least.”

Next, Waisome ran back to the front of his apartment in pursuit of Rumph, the second burglary suspect. The 21-year-old managed to stop Rumph from escaping in an accomplice’s waiting vehicle, holding him in place until Tallahassee police arrived to arrest him, Fox Sports Florida reports. Crawford managed to get away—for a while, at least.

Waisome was at a Tallahassee gas station on July 23 when he noticed a gold Chevy Impala, the same vehicle into which Rumph had attempted to escape after the burglary, Fox Sports Florida reports. The college cornerback wrote down the vehicle’s license plate number. Minutes later, he noticed Crawford exiting the gas station, wearing a pair of shorts that had been robbed from Waisome.

Tallahassee police officials managed to track the license plate number to a vehicle that belonged to Crawford’s girlfriend, Fox Sports Florida reports. Authorities have yet to reveal if she will be charged in the burglary.

Crawford was arrested at his home, where police discovered thousands of dollars’ worth of stolen property, WCTV reports. The burglary suspect, who was on probation at the time of his arrest, faces multiple criminal charges.