Los Angeles Lakers player Nick Young is fed up with the jokes at his expense. Twitter users have been less than kind to the 30-year-old since video footage of him seemingly confessing to having cheated on fiancée Iggy Azalea — shot by teammate D’Angelo Russell — surfaced online. Young fired back at one particular user who, surprisingly, didn’t even mention the scandal.

On Thursday one Twitter user reached out to the NBA player to correct his grammar in an earlier tweet. She wrote that she would run his social media accounts for him, as she has “excellent” grammar. Young wasted no time getting back to her about her offer. He mocked her appearance, joking that it was clear she “did a lot of homework for others.”

Young addressed the video having been leaked ahead of a Lakers game on Wednesday. Talking to the press he said that he was not interested in discussing his personal life and hoped to hash things out with Russell, 19, in private. Young said that he and his teammate needed “to sit down and talk about it.” He added that there was nothing they could do to change what happened or what was said in the video.

“What happened is what happened. We’ve got to work on it,” Young said.

Although he declined to discuss the status of his relationship with Azalea, 25, it has been rumored that the pair are struggling after the video leak. According to TMZ, Young is doing everything in his power to get back in the “Team” rapper’s good graces. He is said to be hurting after having his engagement rocked by the release of what was supposed to be a private video and is ensuring that everyone he knows is aware that he loves Azalea. Young has reportedly reached out to legal representation in the hopes of rectifying the situation in some way.

The video in question was reportedly shot months ago, but only gained traction online on Tuesday. It shows Young lying down talking to Russell about a run-in he had with a 19-year-old in a nightclub over the summer. As the Los Angeles Times reported he was also asked about Amber Rose — Wiz Khalifa’s ex-wife — in the clip, but explains that it would never work because “she knows my girl.”

Azalea has addressed the scandal briefly on Twitter, joking about Russell’s name trending on Twitter. She added that she “liked his film” and thanked him, but has said no more on the matter. It remains unclear how she and Young plan to proceed with their relationship at this time.