Nicki Minaj isn't getting any love as the hate-fest continues in the wake of her label's decision to have her back out of Hot 97's Summer Jam concert on Sunday. Funkmaster Flex turned up the heat on the popular artist late Sunday with a series of harsh disses aimed at the starlet and the Young Money label.

The drama all began on Sunday, when DJ Peter Rosenberg, co-host of Hot 97's morning show, took the stage at Summer Jam 2012 and made remarks that put off the Nicki Minaj camp.

I see the real hip-hop heads sprinkled in here. I see them, Rosenberg said, according to I know there are some chicks here waiting to sing 'Starships' later. I'm not talking to y'all right now. F*** that bulls***. Bulls***. I'm here to talk about real hip-hop s***.

Starships is a poppy hit song by Nicki Minaj featuring her trademark blend of nasal rapping and over-production

Nicki Minaj was supposed to headline the show on Sunday, but after Rosenberg's remarks, Lil' Wayne, the head of Minaj's Young Money label, decided that wasn't going to happen.

Young Money ain't doing Summer Jam, he tweeted shortly after 5:30 Sunday, to the disappointment of thousands of Nicki Minaj fans who had gathered to see her.

And later that night, Funkmaster Flex, a beloved voice in New York hip-hop, took to the airwaves to call out Nicki Minaj for doing a disservice to hip-hop with her bubbly, pseudo-rap style, and for letting down tens of thousands of fans by failing to appear.

I'm dedicated to tearing you down, Flex said in a series of comments directed at Nicki Minaj, and the two spent almost an hour going back-and-forth over the decision to withdraw from the show after Minaj called in to discuss it with Flex.

Nicki's main points was that, she didn't perform because her BOSS told her not to and that is where her loyalty lies and she also said Flex should have taken his issues up with Wayne but he chose to target her because she is a female. Flex, in response, told Nicki 'I was upset and that's the way I felt. I haven't mentioned Wayne, not because I'm scared, but he wasn't on the bill to perform,' reports Nicole B****ie, a hip-hop blogger.

And Minaj took the time to methodically lay out her case on the air:

My fans didn't appreciate [Peter Rosenberg's] comments, she told Flex. It's not about his opinion. I have opinion's about DJs at Hot 97, and I have opinions about Hot 97, but you know what? I wouldn't come on your stage when its about us uniting people to come see your show. I wouldn't dare come on your stage or say anything negative about Hot 97 leading up to that concert.

Nicki Minaj has burst onto the rap scene as one of the most controversial new artists, racking up hit singles but causing an ongoing controversy about what many listeners say is her overwhelming lack of musical ability.

The announcement that Nicki Minaj would not be appearing Sunday at Summer Jam was highly unexpected, as Minaj had tweeted about the show earlier that day.

History will be made @ Hot97 Summer Jam tonight. I really hope you're there to witness it, she tweeted.

It was not the first time Weezy had cancelled a show and let down fans over a minor incident. An old YouTube clip many hip-hop heads likely remember shows Lil' Wayne refusing to continue performing in 2008 after an audience member throws something at him during one of his shows.

Oddly enough, Tyga, a fellow label-mate of Nicki Minaj and Lil' Wayne, still ended up on stage despite the fact that Lil' Wayne had withdrawn all Young Money artists from the billing at the last second.

Tyga said he would have been in full support of Nicki/Wayne and [Young Money] if we got the word prior, but that he did not hear about Weezy's decision until too late.

Lil' Wayne seems to be getting a lot of bad publicity as his career starts to slow down after a long run of hit albums and singles. Just last week he appeared at an Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Playoffs game without a ticket and said he felt unwanted after the team told him there were no courtside seats available.

Weezy told the Associated Press in the aftermath of that incident I'm in Forbes, implying that he doesn't need the Thunder's love, or that of anyone else, in order to be secure in his own skin.