Nicki Minaj has revealed the fragrance ads for her new perfume expected to hit stores this fall. 

Minaj took to twitter to show off her Pink Friday campaign, which shows her dressed all in pink, including wig. In the background is the New York skyline.
The bottle is shown in the bottom right of the ad. It is shaped like -- who else? -- Nicki Minaj. It is gold-plated with Minaj's pink hair, bangs included, and a white bustier, along with a "Nicki Minaj" necklace. 
"I have always been a huge fan of great fragrances; this is yet another extension of my creative expression and I can't wait to share it with the world. I designed this scent and bottle with my Barbz in mind," Minaj stated in a press release.
Nicki recently tweeted that the perfume smells "like angels playing."
Many Twitter users seem excited.
Twitter user @xoMINAJ wrote "@NICKIMINAJ everything u do screams creativity & perfection & the fragrance bottle is a prime example."
Aside from coming out with her own perfume fragrance, Minaj is the latest judge to join the talent competition "American Idol" this year, alongside singer Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, and country singer Keith Urban.