Nicky Minaj didn't achieve music super-stardom by playing by the rules. Her avant-garde style and twisted outfits have shocked, ruffled, and seduced the public. Her every move seems outlandish and cutting edge. From the moment Minaj burst onto the music scene, she was compared to another unique music sensation: Lady Gaga. Though the two are both quirky, talented, and unlike any divas before them, it's clear the two have distinct personalities. Though Minaj was initially flattered to be aligned with the Bad Romance singer, she now finds it trite. In an interview with ABC she revealed: 

First of all, I'm a rapper. I'm from south Jamaica, Queens. What are the similarities? Wigs? Every female in this game wears wigs. It's getting tired now, though, to me. In the beginning, I was like, it's cool...when they get to know me, they'll understand me. Gaga's a fantastic artist, she's paved her way, she's opened her own lane. But I feel like I have my own lane. And we never cross. Ever.

Though Minaj wishes to be in a league of her own, the fact that the two both wow on the red carpet and during performances cannot be denied. Who could forget Gaga's meat costume? Yet Minaj has created an image that is difficult to match with any star. At times, her outfits are like an Alphonse Mucha painting or a modern art exhibit. The clothing she wears is eye catching and innovative. She has drawn inspiration from animals, deserts, and fairy tale characters. Some have referred to her as a hip-hop barbie. Here's a look at her most outrageous looks!