Nicholas Cage, who is notoriously behind on his payments to the tax man, has settled $6.25 million in back taxes.

That $6.25 million payment still puts him about $7 million in debt to the IRS, according to estimations from E! News, which obtained IRS documents that show Cage settled a portion of his tax bill.

Cage previously said he had been current on his taxes as of 2009 and blamed bad management and failed real estate deals for his tax bill situation. The National Treasure star earned $40 million that year.

Cage famously was the owner of Midford Castle in England -- a property he bought in 2007 and sold two years later -- and the medieval castle Schloss Neidstein in Germany.

While Cage is the most recognizable actor with tax problems, he's not the only celebrity with a bill from the IRS. Click through the slideshow to see more stars who owe or were behind on their taxes to the government.