Nikki Reed gave fans an inside look at her wedding to Ian Somerhalder. The actress posted a 15-second clip from their wedding video on Instagram on Tuesday.

Reed, 27, and Somerhalder, 36, were married on April 26 in a private ceremony in Santa Monica, California. Although some long-lens paparazzi pictures of the celebration hit the web, this is the couple's fans’ first close look at the actors on their big day.

The video, which features the song “Take the World” by Johnnyswim, shows “The Vampire Diaries” actor kissing the "Twilight" actress. Viewers can see them posing for wedding pictures, hitting the dance floor and getting ready for their ceremony. Watch the video (originally posted on Reed’s Instagram) below:

When Reed posted the clip, she wrote a message to her husband for their one-month anniversary:

“You are

My every dream brought to life

We are

A cosmic collision

This is

A lifetime felt in every moment I'm by your side

My love

My human...happy one month.”

The video also gives fans a closer look at the actress’ wedding dress, which was designed by Claire Pettibone. “My design aesthetic was a great fit for the vibe Nikki wanted for her wedding day with Ian: a little boho, romantic and timeless, with a sexy [twist],” Pettibone told People. “She was so happy with what we had originally decided on, that we really didn’t make any changes at all.”

Though this latest video is very personal, many of the couple's followers won’t be surprised that the duo posted an intimate look at their big day. Since getting married, they haven’t been shy about showing affection for each other on social media. They even kept fans updated throughout their honeymoon by posting pictures from all of their vacation spots, which included Mexico, Brazil and Costa Rica.