New Jersey’s Attorney General Anne Milgram on Thursday filed a suit against three ticket sellers for allegedly breaking state law by selling tickets to three upcoming Bruce Springsteen concerts at Giants Stadium before the tickets were available for sale.

Three ticket operators, Select-A-Ticket, Orbitz Worldwide, Inc., and TicketNetwork, Inc allegedly sold tickets to undercover investigators on Tuesday, the Attroney General’s office said. They have been charged with violating the Consumer Fraud Act and Advertising Regulations.

Some tickets offered by Orbitz and TicketNetwork were for seats that don’t physically exist in the stadium, the lawsuit alleges.

“Advertising and selling tickets before they are made available for initial purchase by the public is an outrageous practice. It is fraud to offer to sell a product that one does not possess, and may never possess, and I am committed to ending this deceptive practice,” Milgram said.