There will be no new Top Gear until 2013 except for a lonely Christmas special because of fat people singing and Simon Cowell, the show's controversial but beloved host Jeremy Clarkson confirmed on Twitter Wednesday.

Would love to be back in the Autumn but Sunday nights then will be full of fat people singing, Clarkson wrote.

The only Top Gear U.K. for the rest of 2012 will be the Christmas special, Clarkson said. The popular car show has reportedly been bumped to January 2013 to leave room for Cowell's Britain's Got Talent or X Factor TV shows which have featured notable singers such as Susan Boyle. To Clarkson, though, they're all just fat people singing.

Clarkson is used to being raked over the coals for his coarse comments, and was recently under the gun for comments he made on the show regarding facial dismemberment and the Elephant Man in February, according to The BBC has since cleared Clarkson of breaking any broadcasting rules.

Regardless of what Clarkson thinks of the talent, he did admit that 'Top Gear' is a medium-sized van, compared to Cowell who is a juggernaut. Britain's Got Talent had 11 million viewers for its most recent episode on Saturday, according to the Daily Mail. Top Gear U.K. garnered roughly 5 million viewers for its episodes in January, according to The Guardian.

On the bright side, though, Clarkson said the extra-long Top Gear U.K. break would mean that the new episodes would just be all that much better.

In the meantime, viewers needing a Top Gear  fix will have to turn to the lackluster and slightly boring Top Gear U.S.A. One can only hope that a steady diet of the soporific Top Gear U.S.A won't completely end the appetite of motoring enthusiasts for car shows.