Just days before Barnes and Nobles' unveiling event of the Nook tablet; a leaked report has revealed the tablets prime features and $249 price tag.

On Monday Barnes and Noble are expected to launch the tablet version of their e-reader Nook Color. New documents obtained by Engadget reveal that the Nook Tablet will have double the memory, storage and selection than Amazon's latest Kindle Fire tablet, perhaps making it more like an iPad than a Kindle. 

The features of the Nook Tablet specified in the document are as follows:

HD Movies, TV shows and music from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora and more.

Over two million books and magazine

Email, Web and thousands of Apps, including Angry Birds

Fast, powerful and ultra responsive

Largest collection of magazines and children's books.

Twice the memory with expansive SD card.

Free Nook cloud storage

No web browser monitoring or privacy concerns.

The processing speed is the most striking part of the report. It features a 1.2 GHz dual-core OMAP4 chip, faster than the 1 GHz dual-core processor in the Kindle Fire and a single-core processor in the Nook Color.

The document directly parallels the features of the Nook Tablet with the Kindle Fire specs, which has given experts room to speculate on how legitimate the document is. Barnes and Nobles has refused to comment on the report until Monday's unveiling event in New York City.

Together with the price specifications, the report claims that demo versions of the product will go on sale in the United States on Nov. 15, and on Nov.16 units of the product will be shipped directly to customers. The Kindle Fire, currently on pre-order, will be shipping on Nov.15, a day before the alleged shipping date of the Nook Tablet.

Once the tablet has been released other Nooks will drop in price, according to the report. With the Nook Simple Touch' priced at $99 and the Nook color will be priced at $199.

From the leaked report many have taken to Twitter to comment on the fact the Nook tablet is more iPad then Kindle. The Nook Color finished second behind the iPad and iPad 2 in shipments in the second quarter of 2011, according to IDC. We'll have to see who the tablets main competitor will be early on Monday morning.