Belgian police have named Nordine Amrani, 32, as the lone gunman responsible for the attack in Liege, Belgium Tuesday that has left a total of four people dead, including Amrani himself.

Despite earlier claims that there were three attackers, Liege police said at a press conference that Amrani acted alone. Since the attack started around 12:30 local time, reports have been fluctuating constantly, with some saying that two attackers were still on the run or hiding in a nearby building. Authorities are now confident that there was only one attacker.

Amrani is thought to have thrown a number of thunderflash grenades down on the busy Place Saint-Lambert, a central square in the city. The first blasts occurred near a bus shelter. Amrani was also carrying a Kalashnikov rifle and opened fire on the square.

Around 64 people were injured in the attack, at least five of whom needed emergency surgery. A two-year-old child is still in critical condition. Those killed included a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old who died instantly, and a 65-year-old woman who died from her injuries, according to police.

The motive for the attack is still unknown.

Before Amrani was named, it was believed, by some, that the attackers were escaping from the jail at the Palais de Justice, the building complex housing Liege's court. The building is located in the square, and a number of violent criminals were set to stand trial on Tuesday.

Liege mayor Willy Demeyer told the Flemish paper De Standaard that three men tried to escape from the complex. He later told the French language La Meuse newspaper that one gunman acted alone and that he died from a grenade explosion.

He had hand grenades and a [Kalashnikov]. He shot into the crowd on the place Saint Lambert before being killed himself by a grenade. There was also another person killed. The attacker is known to the police, notably for drug offenses, Demeyer said.

According to reports, Amrani was supposed to be sentenced in the Palais de Justice sometime on Tuesday, according to a report from RTL.

Amrani has a history of breaking the law, and had been sentenced to 58 months in prison on weapons and drug charges in 2008.

The Criminal Court sentenced... Nordine Amrani, Liégeois of 29-years to 58 months in prison for possession of a dozen weapons and... for the cultivation of cannabis plants. The court has also fined 11,000 euros and gave the forfeitures in the amount of 76,500 euros, Le Soir wrote about the charges at the time.