North Korea has publicly mocked the United States with a faux letter from Abraham Lincoln to President Barack Obama, criticizing the current U.S. leader. The letter, published Monday on a propaganda website, says the reclusive country will remain strong despite international sanctions by the United Nations and criticizes the U.S. for its nuclear activities this year, the Associated Press said.

The piece, titled “Advice from Lincoln to Obama,” was published only in Korean on the DPRK Today website and cites the Emancipation Proclamation, as well as the Gettysburg Address that Lincoln delivered on Nov. 19, 1863, in Pennsylvania, during the American Civil War.

“Hey, Obama,” the letter begins, “I know you have a lot on your mind these days ... I’ve decided to give you a little advice after seeing you lost in thought before my portrait during a recent Easter Prayer Breakfast.”

In the letter, the putative Lincoln advised Obama that North Korea would not fall due to the sanctions and said he feels heavy in his mind to hear such words as “the toughest and most effective sanctions in the history of the United Nations were imposed on North Korea,” Yonhap News Agency reported.

Furthermore, the letter said that the U.S. should try to cut back on its own nuclear weapons before telling others countries to denuclearize.

“If the United States, a country with the world's largest nuclear weapons stockpile, only pays lip service, like a parrot, and doesn't do anything actively, it will be a mockery to the entire world,” the letter has Lincoln saying.

Even though the fake Lincoln bashes Obama, Pyongyang did not spare the late president.

“Hey, Obama, it’s the 21st Century,” the letter said. “The tactic by past American presidents, including me, who deceived the people ... is outdated. That doesn't work now. The world doesn't trust an America that doesn't take responsibility for what it says.”

Obama has frequently called Lincoln his inspiration. Obama announced his presidential candidacy in Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield, Illinois, and took his oath of office using the Bible Lincoln used in 1861.

DPRK Today has attacked the U.S. with similar attempts. In a propaganda video released last month, Pyongyang threatened nuclear attacks on the U.S. if it was provoked.