Ander Breivik, the Norway shooter asked his lawyer how many people he killed because he had taken drugs before he did the mass killing, his lawyer revealed.

The self described Christian regards himself as a “warrior”, and believes that “when you are in a war you can do things like that without pleading guilty.”

Before gunning down the Norwegians, he swallowed a cocktail of ‘ECA stack’ drugs, which is a powerful stimulant, to enhance his strength. Then he started shooting, while listening to his iPod to allow the edherpine to rush making him more aggressive.

Geir Lippestad, Brevik’s lawyer said, “He asked me exactly how many people he had killed during the attacks. He expects this is the start of a war that will last for 60 years.”

In his manifesto, he thinks himself of a cultural crusade and talks about eradicating Muslims from Europe.

Currently the mass murderer is in police custody and is being moved to £150 million Halden Prison, which is one of the most luxurious jails in the world, where cells have flat-screen TVs and designer furniture.

Lippestad said his client was ‘very cold’ and had no empathy when they met in a central Oslo police station. "This whole case indicated that he is insane," he said.

Prosecutors are considering if Brevik’s killings come under crimes against humanity.