Janne Kristiansen, the head of Norway's intelligence service, made a not-so intelligent gaffe on Wednesday night when she revealed that Norway had spies working in Pakistan.

Hours later, Kristiansen handed in her letter of resignation. Justice Minister Grete Faremo accepted the resignation immediately, adding that that Kristiansen had expressed herself in a way that could be interpreted as a breach of confidentiality.

She also told reporters at that any potential breach of confidentiality is a very serious matter.

Kristiansen made her comments during a public parliamentary hearing after being asked by an MP about Norway's intelligence relationship with Pakistan, at which point she that the E service has its representatives, without going into specifics.

Pakistan is reportedly asking Norway to clarify Kristiansen's comments, while Norway's Police Security Service is downplaying the news, saying the now-former spy chief had drawn her own conclusions, according to the BBC.

Kristiansen's post has been filled by her former deputy head Roger Berg.