Norwegian ski flier Johan Remen Evensen broke the world record for ski flying twice this week during the grand opening of Vikersundbakken, the world's largest ski flying hill.

Evensen's first jump of the day went 243 meters (797 feet), smashing the 2005 record of Norway's Bjorn Einar Romøren, who jumped 239 meters. Here's video of Evensen's first jump.

In their story on the record-breaking jump, wondered how long the new record would stand given this new hill was tailor made for such jumps. The answer was a couple of hours.

Later in the day, Evensen managed a jump of 246.5 meters. Here is video of that jump.

The World Cup of Skiflying is scheduled for this weekend at Vikersundbakken, so don't be surprised if Evensen's record gets broken again over the next few days.