Fresh off Adele's Grammy Awards performance, ticket reseller StubHub tried to drum up interest in the singer's upcoming tour Tuesday on Twitter with a promotional photo featuring a woman who may or may not be the "25" album artist. 

Slim, with light, long hair, the woman had many fans doing a double-take. "You saw Adele on music's biggest stage, and now she’s headed to your city," the tweet said.

Skeptical fans tweeted at the ticket resale site's account to reveal the true identity of the woman in the ticket sales ad. "Are you pretending this is Adele?" one Twitter user tweeted.

StubHub didn't exactly clear up confused Twitter users' questions, only adding another wrinkle to the mystery. "Yes," StubHub tweeted, along with an emoji hugging itself. 

Many others assumed the ad was of singer Taylor Swift. "But why is Taylor Swift on the promo for Adele?" one user asked. Another responded to StubHub's ad asking, "Does Adele know you're using Taylor Swift's pic to sell her tickets?"

Adele's 2016 tour is sold out on Ticketmaster and Live Nation, but tickets for the 56-date tour are being resold on sites such as StubHub. Click here for a full list of the U.S. tour dates.